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(Public Management 211)

Course Description:

Theories, processes and techniques involved in the organization and management of the national government and its agencies.

Course Objectives:

1. To familiarize graduate students with the basic organization and management theories, concepts and techniques in public management.

2. To introduce the students on the dynamics, issues and problems of the Philippine national governmental structure, bureaucracy and operations.

3. To draw lessons through the critical analysis of case studies on reform measures in the Philippine governmental structure.

Required Readings:

      1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines

      Etzioni, Amitai. MODERN ORGANIZATIONS. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, Inc, 1964.

      Bryans, P. and Cronis, T.P. ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY. London: Mitchell Beazly Publishers, 1983.

      Michels, Robert. Political Parties. New York: Free Press, 1970.

      Caoili, Manuel, "Some Notes on Origin of Modern Management Thought", in V. Bautista, et al, eds. AN INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION IN THE PHILIPPINES, Quezon City: UPCPA.1993.

      Philipine Center for Investigative Reporting, UNCOVERING THE BEAT(The Real World Guide to Reporting on Government),Pasig: PCIJ, 1997.

      Coronel, Sheila, editor, PORK AND OTHER PERKS(Corruption and Governance in the Philippines), Pasig: PCIJ, 1998.

Major Topics Covered:

Introduction to Organization and Management Theory

Organizational Theories

Approaches to Organization Studies

Modern Management Thought

Perceptions and Attitudes

Motivation and Organization

Group Behavior

Organizational Goals

Organization and Control

Influence, Power, Authority, Leadership

Organizational Conflict

Organizational Environment

Corruption: Case Studies

Pork Barrel and Presidential Power

Organization of Congress

Congressional Corruption: Case Studies

Organization and Management of the Economy

Organization of Law Enforcement and the Courts

Managing the Environment

Case Studies on Organization and Mgmt.of Educational system

The Health Bureaucracy

Managing Infrastructure Development

Managing Elections

Government Anti-Graft Structures

Managing Foreign Policy

NGOs/POs : Organization and Management of Civil Society